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Make sure you label your caches since now everyone and their dogs will be watching and we dont need any more caches blown up by the bomb squad. This one is obviously not a cache but there are several discussion threads of cache's being blown to pieces by the bomb squad.


Im sure someone will put up the link to those threads.



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Labeling caches is important, but experience has shown here in the DC area that caches placed in high traffic areas are at-risk. Many new cachers are afraid that if a cache is not visible, a geocacher will not find it, so they leave it partially visible. After you find a few caches, you know where to look. Hiding caches very well, and avoiding popular spots will do a lot to keep caches from being plundered and/or being found by non-participants and mistaken for harmful objects.

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I had to happen. Someone says something close the the now cliche'd "Now More Than Ever..." Followed by whatever we need to pay attention too. Vitamins, Dating, and Hugging.


This has been discussed. A member of the bomb squad said if a geocache was labeled as such he might give it a little more creedence since he knew what a cache was. BUT he would still err on the safe side and odds are it would get blown up.

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Echoing what Renegade Knight wrote, when I talked to the bomb squad here in Washington state, they said that if they're called to one, at a minimum it will be removed as abandoned property. It will ease their minds quite a bit if they're labeled on the outside with the Geocaching logo, and a contact phone number.


Washington and Oregon bomb squads should have had a brief discussion at their last quarterly meeting about geocaches, so they might know what they are when they see one.



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