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Who Knows Where To Get Cheap TB Dog Tags?

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On ‎9‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 1:10 PM, SniperTrifle said:

I have been searching the internet everywhere recently but all the tbs im finding are way too far out of my price region, if anyone knows where some cheap preferably tb dog tags are. i am looking for around 1 or 2 pounds. Thanks


I ran some numbers to see the cheapest price.  These were just on the US Geocaching Shop, but read on for more ideas.  In most schemes, the price may be OK, it's the shipping that kills ya.


There is a set of 12 Zodiac coins on clearance for $35.93.  That's 2.31 pounds each.  This has free shipping within the US, being over $35.  Plus these have the special Zodiac icons.


Ordinary Travel Bugs are $4.25 each for 16 (I chose that to reach the free shipping threshold again).  That's 3.29 pounds apiece.


So if you could deal with a Geocacher in the States, and they send you the tracking numbers only (free shipping to the UK, not counting Internet fees), you can set up the TB pages as you wish.  The US Geocacher could then place the TBs locally.  Or you could inscribe your own items in some way and release them yourself.  I haven't tried to mail tags like that.  Again, mailing is the big cost.


The trick with inscribing your own items is making something that Geocachers will immediately identify as a "Trackable Item, to travel, not to keep".  TB tags have such info inscribed.


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4 minutes ago, bozzer123 said:

Its possible to buy the codes straight from Groundspeak but there's a minimum order of 50 I think



Those are usually used for custom coin orders, but have seen custom tags too. 

By the time they'd be done with their custom order, approvals for design and such, those "inexpensive" codes are 2-3 times the cost of those basic Travel Bugs.  :)

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