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The Blue Quasar

Message Center: Space added in coord.info cause html break

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When copying a link to a GC Code there is now a space between the 

https://coord.info/GCK25B when it is pasted into a message center box


For example



You 10:16 AM

And on the other end it shows as  


Thank you for telling me about https://coord.info/ GCK25B located at HQ
Due to the break, the first half of the URL goes to https://www.geocaching.com/fourohfour and the second half works correctly.

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Perhaps because you don't need to paste the link into the message center - it is set to to turn your GC code into a link automatically.  So when it sees it, it splits it off into its own linked text.


I just sent you a test message and typed GC1D with no link.  After I sent it, the message center converted the GC code to a link to GC1D.








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