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No KML files anymore?

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Thinking back to my Windows/GSAK days...


If you import PQs (GPX files) into GSAK, you can export as KML, with some of that extra "magic" you mention.  I do remember exporting to Google Earth, but the details are vague now.


Alternately, GPSBabel might offer a conversion directly.  In fact, I recall GE actually calls up GPSBabel in the background when you load GPX files.  And that broke when I switched to Linux, I remember now, GE on Linux didn't do that right because it needed GPSBabel which is a Windows program, not available (or not hooked up) in Linux.


Anyway, check out GPSBabel and/or GSAK.

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I've tried to use GSAK before, but the program is too confusing for me. Why can't they just put the KML functionality back? It seems like every time they change the website, I lose something. I can't download geotours properly anymore, and we just lost being able to download GPX files directly into the GPS. I wish they'd just leave it alone.

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