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Caches being nicked - trace IP address?

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I have a series of Premium Member Only caches, some of these series are ammo boxes and one hide is a hollowed out stump with a box on the inside of it.


Earlier in the year I had one ammo box disappear which I put down to being too open to muggles, I had one problematic hide that seemed to disappear as soon as it was replaced, literally the same day. I moved that particular hide and it has lasted.


The series hasn't been done since early June and someone has gone round today and DNFed 5 of the caches. Two being the last remaining ammo box (in a secluded location) and the hollowed out stump. The stump they've removed the box but not the stump.


This tells me its Geocachers who are removing these hides.


I took a look at the Audit log and one name appeared which has been looking at the series intently for 2 months. This account has been a member for a year, is a premium member however hasn't found or hidden any caches. 


My question - can HQ trace the IP address of that account ?

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