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Cartridge uploading problem

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I'm new to Wherigo so bear with me. I had a cartridge built for me and when I went to upload it into my account I kept getting an error message (see attachment). Unbeknown to me it actually uploaded every time I tried so now I have 18 uploads of the same cartridge. My 1st question is, how do I delete the other 17 cartridges from my account.


Problem 2... I want to make some updates to the cartridge like filling in the amount of time it will take to play the cartridge.Bbut every time I click the update button I get the same error message and nothing will update. I have not activated the cartridge yet so I'm concerned that when I go to do it, it's not going to let me because of the prior fails. 


Any assistance would be very much appreciated.



error message.jpg

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I just tried to simply activated the cartridge by checking the box, then clicking the 'save cartridge details' button and I still get the error message. I want to get this Wherigo published at geocaching.com. How am I going to do that if I can get the cartridge activated? Here's the link to my Wherigo 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas.'



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