Release Notes (Website: Downloading caches to GPS devices) - August 28, 2018   With today’s website release, we have made updates to how geocaches can be downloaded to GPS devices.   We have removed the ‘Send to GPS’ option from the Geocaching map and the ‘Send to My GPS’ button from cache pages. This functionality has become increasingly unreliable in recent years because modern web browsers do not allow the operating system access required for the plugin to function correctly. This results in a poor experience for users whose browser plugins suddenly stop working, as well as for new users who expect the options to work correctly.   We have also removed the ‘LOC waypoint file’ button from cache pages due to lack of usage, and also because GPX files contain more information and are more widely supported.   Going forward, GPSr users can put geocaches on their devices by clicking ‘Download GPX’ on the Geocaching map, or by clicking the ‘GPX file’ button on the cache page. Then, transfer the downloaded file to a GPS device.            Premium users can also send geocaching Lists to their supported Garmin GPSr with Garmin Express.   Update (9/5/2018): the initial release did not include a few related updates. Effective today, we have:   • Removed the Send to GPS functionality from the 'Your Recently Viewed Caches' page.
• Removed the Send to GPS functionality from old search results (e.g.
• Removed the actual 'Send to GPS' page
• Removed the Download .LOC button at the bottom of bookmark list pages
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