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TB reaches destination


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Everything you wanted to know about Trackables. 


If enough people actually abide by your mission/goal and it reaches a "destination" be very happy.  :)

We've heard of people who had a trackable not only make it's goal, but was then returned to them (in a local cache), but never saw it ourselves.

Realize that whenever people are involved there's bound to be some issue.

Most goals seem to be just to move cache-to-cache.  Most send them out never expecting to see them again.

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6 hours ago, 1nosaj said:



I am new at this, and I was just wondering what happens to your travel bug after it reaches its destination.  Do you get it back?  Why or why not?  And, if you do get it back, how do you obtain it?


Travel Bugs have a Goal, which can be edited.  When one goal is achieved, set up another, such as "This TB wants to return to [town]".  You could even ask to have it mailed to you.  But typically the idea is to see how far it will go.


It's unusual to get a TB back.  One of my coins went to Germany, then back into the same local cache I had placed it.  So I went to that cache and took my coin. :)

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