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I'm going to come back to your question because it's difficult to offer helpful suggestions if you can't remember any specific detail of the location - because that's the sort of stuff you really need to be able to come up with really good site-based logging tasks - stuff that's specific to the site and relatively easy for visitors to identify based on the supporting texts on your EarthCache page.


But I just wanted to mention this - hopefully without diverting the thread and just because I first became aware of it while looking at your EarthCache page - when this popped up:



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To explain: I recognized the photo, since I took it, and it's on my earthcache page.  But it's not because it's an earthcache - it's because the cache is in Norway, which is where they are doing this pilot program on the new feature linked by The A-Team above.


Apparently no one is using it on our earthcache, as all sorts pull up the same order of logs.

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