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Can you believe this??


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It is hard to believe that it has been a whole year (and two days) that I made my first find in this crazy game/hobby/addiction called geocaching. I can't wax eloquent like Fractal but bear with me while I reminisce.


I made my first find at Oregon History Lesson #1 by Fractal on Oct. 18th 2001. It was then and still is the closest cache to my house. At this time this was a 4-inch pvc pipe about 18 inches long hanging from a tree limb. I thought after finding it that this hobby was really going to be easy. Little did I know what was in store for me.


I found out quickly that the PVC pipe in the open was an anomaly. My next memorable find (or should I say quest) was a week later in Florida. I tried finding the Holiday Cache. It was named so since it was hidden in the woods behind a Holiday Inn. After searching I was greeted by a security guard who told me the thing I was looking for was in their office.


I came back to Oregon from Florida feeling cocky with 8 more caches under my belt then the dreaded Contact Cache showed up. I spent I won’t say how many hours on this one. It got me prepped for the Fractal mind puzzles to come. (My wife still thinks I’m nuts and Fractal is even worse.) .


New Year’s Eve I had the worst nightmare of my caching experiences at the F.F.T.E cache. I have never been this bummed while caching. I looked in the brush for the cache 30 minutes or so with a flashlight. I took two or three readings and decided to take one more when I realized that somewhere my Garmin V had fallen out of my pocket and was in the brush. Right before my flashlight gave out I found it but for 15 or so minutes I just wanted to sit down and cry.


I have many other interesting experiences as I am sure every one has but I don’t want to bore any longer with specifics. I have come across: an addict shooting up, Huge Honkin Spiders, poison oak, swarms of mosquitos, loud obnoxious dogs, cliffs, Blair Witch flashbacks, a porn magazine stash, nude sunbathers, snakes, many many blackberries, and even an alligator.


I would like to mention a few friends I have made geocaching, since that is one of the important things about this hobby/addiction.


Fractal – Thanks for the fun with the mind puzzles. Also for remembering my log in your Dude cache on Jan. 17th. That means a lot to me, and shows your true spirit.

Oregone- I have thoroughly loved your logs and your quick wit and sense of humor.

LaurenCat- You are really special to hang in there in a sport dominated by macho geeks (that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one). I love your smile and spirit.

Makaio- Thanks for showing me how really “addicted” I am to caching.

PDXmarathonman- Had a great time meeting you and your daughter and sharing an outing with you.

Baunelass- I have run into fellow cachers only four times and twice it was you. Sorry to see you slow down your activities, miss reading your logs.

Tungsten Jihad-Your Jackson Bottom Cache was the second find I ever made. Glad I finally snagged a token of yours. It sits on my desk at work as a good luck charm.

Soup- Whistle While You Cache drove me nuts but I finally found it after using it as a landmark for my searching. It too was a nice Jan. 17th diversion for me.

Maps-R-Us- Thanks for boosting my spirits when I got discouraged after a nasty e-mail

PDXGuy- You drove me nuts with the micro-caches but I stuck in there even with my inferior equipment.

KyleS.-You are a beacon and an example of level-headedness and cooperation.

Explosis- I told you ammo boxes in city parks was not a good idea. I’ll rescue any of your caches you need help with. (Unless the bomb-squad is involved ?)


I am sorry I droned on so long, but I am nothing if not long winded (learned from Oregone and Makaio’s logs). If I left anyone out it surely was not intentional.


I know I copied Fractal’s idea for an anniversary script, but as he discovered, the hunt can be fun, frustrating, beautiful, and exhausting, but the friendships and the people are what count. Most caches have small toys and trinkets but the people involved in the sport (at least in my opinion) are the real treasures you find when you get involved in this hobby/sport/addiction. I hope to make more get-togethers in the future and meet more of you in person because I know you are all as neat, sincere, and caring as those I have met already.


Thanks to all for the memories and tolerating my rambling. God Bless all of you and keep you safe. icon_biggrin.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif


KTF !!! GBWY !!!

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What a nice post and what an incredible adventure you have had! Glad to haVe helped out in some small way! We celebrated our year anniversary a couple months ago and didn't think to write such a nice thank you note. Glad you have stuck with it and continue to add to all of our enjoyment in the sport as well. On with year two! icon_smile.gif


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I've seen folks discover geocaching, play for awhile, then disappear without a trace, but I've also seen die hards like yourself and others (we all know who they are icon_wink.gif ) stick around and help build this game into what it's become. I know it wouldn't be as fun as it has been without you and your great sense of humor keeping us all on our toes icon_smile.gif



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I'm glad that we've made each others geocaching experiences more memorable... I hope year 2 ends up being even more exciting than year 1 icon_smile.gif


I do have a question for you though...

Your sig line says "KTF !!! GBWY !!!" Do you mind sharing whith us exactly what it means?


Glad to have you caching in our area, Trafcon! Also happy to frustrate you with my puzzles icon_biggrin.gif





N 45? 30.ish

W 122? 58.ish

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Glad to frustrate you (and others) with the container designs. Glad you were just as frustrated with the same caches as I have. Glad to be able to call you a friend (even though I have only seen in person 1 or 2 times).


Look forward to hearing more of your adventures in this weird little sport. And like fractal, I would like to know what the hell your tag line means.


Hope you can come to this Wednesdays event, as I owe you a hamburger. (did I allready post that?)

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I actually guessed the tag line before Trafcon told me... but since it's a secret (at least till tonight), I'll keep it to myself. Hopefully we'll be able to make it tonight to join you guys, but we have to visit Grandma before hand, and that may rule us out for the night.


"The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.

When a man found it, he hid it again..." Mt. 13:44

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