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Visit Utah GeoTour

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A couple years ago, I attempted a few Visit Utah GeoTour caches during a trip to Salt Lake City. The way the GeoTour works is you earn a county patch if you find 3 of the 5 GeoTour caches in that county. I was able to earn the Summit County patch, and figured that was the end of it for me.


Earlier this year, a friend convinced me to try to earn patches for the remaining 28 Utah counties. Earn 10 patches and you get a trackable geocoin. Earn all 29 patches and you're eligible for a Utah GeoAmbassador jacket or a frame for displaying your patches.


We spent seven days in early July driving all over Utah. Our trip was a great success and a whole lot of fun. I've participated in many GeoTours, and this one is among the very best.





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