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Ratings: Wetsider vs Drysider

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It's about time i explained this thread to everyone.


Last week, while surfing the forums, i realized that no one had brought up the differences in rating stars one sees when viewing a wetside cache and a dryside cache. That is to say, a 3/3 in lake O would amount to about a 1/1.5 in, say, 97702.


I had this great post going that basically poked fun at us portlanders for our liberal rankings--complete with links to comparable caches on both sides of the mountain.


But after hitting the 'post now' button, i realized that i was logged in under laurencat's name. So i erased the whole thing as best i could, not knowing--at the time--that we had the option to delete a post.


So my bad.


all rights reserved, all wrongs reversed

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I don't even OWN rubber boots, not since I moved out of the Wetside. However, when we try to do more caches on the Wetside (having exhausted a good portion of them over here) we tend to go completely unprepared.


Last weekend, Eugene caching binge. This week, poison oak. *sigh* I keep trying to tell myself "leaves of three let them be" icon_biggrin.gif but dang some of these caches seem to be smack dab in the middle of the poison oak! Is this a cruel joke? icon_confused.gif


I think I would rather deal with rattlesnakes and black widow spiders.


WARNING: I cannot be responsible for the above, as apparently my cats have learned how to type.

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