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Mystery Hydrographic Station?

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My first post here, about the mark that I found that got me into hunting... 24°44'35.9"N 80°59'45.3"W Nothing in NGS database for this location. Designation stamp seems to read 'REED 1935' with the second 'E' stamped backwards? Concrete monument in almost new condition, especially for it's location. Perhaps a 'used' marker placed by Florida State Park Service to mark the end of the trail (Curry Hammock Nature Trail)?


See pics.






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Back in "the day" the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey had essential three different survey functions for control marks. 

   1)  General geodesy, set and observed by horizontal and vertical field units at the highest levels of positional accuracy.   They are the ones who set Triangulation, Traverse and Bench Mark disks.

   2)  Airport survey crews responsible for positioning major airports as the foundation for instrument approach procedures and aeronautical  charting.  In many cases these field teams were small and usually set marks labeled "Topographic"

   3) Shoreline crews - generally worked off USC&GS nautical charting ships.  The often set "Hydrographic" disks as the support for either shoreline plane table surveys and/or associated photogrammetry surveys.


Most control information for these Topographic and Hydrographic marks was managed by the respective USC&GS offices that performed shoreline mapping and aeronautical charting.  Since the majority of these stations were not observed to national geodetic standards they remained unpublished for the general public but often used for repeat mapping and charting work.  Over the years, from time-to-time some of these marks were connected by the geodetic field teams and their positions upgraded to national standards and are now published by the National Geodetic Survey.  Regrettably sometime back in the late '80s or early '90 the paper record of most of these marks were destroyed as they no longer served their original purpose with the advent of GPS.

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