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"Order" of a mark

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What's the meaning of first order, second order, etc in a datasheet? Presumably first order marks are more important somehow. On a possibly related note, somebody recently posted a "triangulation diagram" which was quite fascinating. Some marks connect to only 3 others, while some may connect to 10 or more. Graph theorists call the number of connections the "degree" of the vertex. Is the degree recorded somewhere in the datasheet? Are marks of high degree "more important" than low ones? (I could argue that one either way.) 

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First order Marks are expected to be more accurate relative to their neighbors than second order, etc. The standards for methods, redundancy of measurements, and agreement of checks are tighter.  I can't quote from memory but you can search for standards.


Having more observation points for redundancy helps achieve accuracy, but degree is not specifically noted.

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Darn phone auto-incorrect got me.

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