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Archived Geocaches: Washington

Guest Seth!

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Guest whidbeywalk

I took a look at those two archived caches. Steam seems really peeved towards Geocaching.com -- any ideas why?


I wondered the same thing the other day when I discovered they had been archived.

At first I thought he sounded upset with the site, but after digging through some old caches and logs, I think he was just disappointed with his experience placing caches. I went back through my old finds to check on his other caches. It looks like he had a few go missing back in December. I had found them right after he placed them, and while they were fun, it didn?t surprise me that they disappeared (a little too urban and open). For Cache Me If You Can, it sounds like he was disappointed that people weren?t sticking with his holiday theme. I think that might have pushed him over the edge. He had found a few of my caches lately and his logs show nothing but enjoyment.

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Guest Moun10Bike

Originally posted by wizonkiz:

Over here, in Eastern Washington, the Turnbull cache has just been archived.....


That's too bad. That's a very memorable one for me, in a beautiful area. I see that a ranger found it and removed it, which I suppose is expected (sadly) as it was on National Wildlife Refuge land without official permission.



Jon (Moun10Bike)

N 47° 36.649', W 122° 3.616'


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If you know of ANY geocaches in the state of WA that have been archived in the past few months (and you don't see them in this thread), please post them here. I am adding these to the archived list:


Saturday Morning Cartoon Cache

Alien Invasion

Grill Hill kissin bridge

Pretty flowers.....

Geology Geocache #4

Wooden Faces & Marsh Maddness


Billie's Memorial cache


Please note: This does NOT include temporarily disabled geocaches. JUST archived geocaches. Thanks.



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Me thinks I just screwed up... chorse had noted on my 4H Skys the Limit cache that he had trouble finding it. So I went there today and sure enough it has vanished, RATS !! So then I thought I should quickly go and "archive" it but now I'm thinking I should have just "temporarily disabled" it (whatever the criteria for that is). And now I don't see the option of "un-archiving" it! I am going to replace the cache with a new one. Any help in the proper procedure would be greatly appreciated....thanks.4H Skys the Limit cache


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