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Statistical output on a yearly base

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Hello all,

I am from Germany and my English is only on a low school level but I hope you can understand what I am looking for.

I do geocaching since 7 years but only on a frequency of about 1 cache/day. I like it very much and I also like statistic numbers.


I miss the possibility to get a yearly output of my finds, that means that I can see how many Traditional, Mystery, Multi, EC, ... I found per calendar year.


Some years ago I asked for this possibility at the Project-GC platform and somebody wrote a small script for this feature wondering that it does not exist at the dashboard. Unfortunately, I lost this script and up to now was not able to restore it.

Could anybody of the community with some good relation to the HQ ask for such an tool or would be able to write such a script for Project-GC ?


Thank you in advance and many greetings from Germany

Kurt (aka MD-Möwe)




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I highly doubt that HQ would provide such a statistic if it is available elsewhere.


Does Project-GC have forums? You might want to ask over there. Someone could write a new script, or the old script might be given to you. :)

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