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Bison tubes

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5 minutes ago, Fitou11 said:


Is there a store that sells bison tubes, or is it something that is easier to buy online? I would love to buy some without waiting for delivery. 

I see you're in Canada like me. I don't know if there's one near you, but Lee Valley sells Bison tubes of various sizes. If you have any local stores that sell a variety of things (like a Canadian Tire), watch out for Bison tubes being displayed as impulse-buy items near the checkouts.

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4 hours ago, Team Christiansen said:

I don't know that anybody outside of the geocaching community calls them bison tubes, but just ask for a metal pill case or tube at the drug store.

Bison is a particular brand (Bison Designs). How many metal pill cases are actually made by Bison Designs?

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I have bought many from DX.com. But whatever brand I have used, they all have the same problem. The O-ring is made of rubber type which is not UV-light resistant. In one or two years the gasket breaks itself and water starts collecting inside. There is a good reason why unsuitable rubber type is used. The outdoor proof O-ring costs many times more. You can buy suitable UV-resistant and water vapor proof O-rings from industrial rubber suppliers.

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