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IT'S A BOY!!!!

The Mailleman

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Just in case anyone was wondering;


Frederick Christopher

7 lbs 13 ozs

21" long

Born 8-5-02 at 11:20 pm


Oh man what a rush!! My wife had hard labor for about four hours total, we went to the hospital at 10:30 pm and about 45 minutes later I was a daddy!! I got to deliver (catch) him too. He is a dam fine boy if I do say so myself.

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Thanks for the well wishes. 6 days and mom and babe are doing great!! He actuall slept most the night (excluding feedings every two hours) with no crying!!!! Nice for us to get some rest.


And yes I'm setting up his user name now and hopefully he'll get his first cache at the pizza bash. And Lazyboy remeber as a cacher he gets dibs on that pizza travel bug too!!!!!! Get his first cache and travel bug on the same day! That would be a good start for him.......now to start shopping for a teddybear shaped GPSr!!


The Mailleman

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