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Statistics page Error 500

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Tried mine (rarely look at stats) on the "old" profile, and still seems okay.

Tried yours,  and get a box like it's  hidden from public view with,  "Geocaching statistics are not available at this time".    

Maybe another hint for a Lackey on what's the issue.  :)                    

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3 hours ago, kpub66 said:

I did not have my statistics hidden before...I will look again and adjust, but I think that I have a public profile.


Yes, I don't think your statistics are hidden, as your profile shows the message in the image below.  Sorry, I thought I attached this image earlier, so my earlier post turned out to be a bit confusing in what I was trying to convey.  Since your profile shows the message below, not the message that is usually seen with 'hidden' statistics, then it seems like it's a systemic problem - like a server or something else.  Good to see that the Lackeys are already working on it.


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On 7/25/2018 at 12:10 PM, HiddenGnome said:

Hi @kpub66 - I am sorry that you have been unable to access your statistics page. I was able to isolate the issue and have added a ticket to our queue to find a fix.


Thank you for identifying the problem.  Is there an estimate on how long this may take?


I am grateful for your response and actions to remedy!



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I just got the same error 500 page while logging in an event I attended last week. I thought I had adjusted the date to when the event occurred, but it logged as todays date. no big deal right? well that event was my 8th different cache type on that date, now it is not because it was not logged as found on the correct day. when I attempt to change the date I get the error page, and when I attempt to delete the log to log it again on the correct date I get the same error page.  

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I must have attempted to change the date or delete that log at least a dozens times before I posted the last note above. just attempted it again and was able to delete that log and re-log it with the actual date that the event occurred. not sure what the problem was, but at least I got my issue fixed. 

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