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Absent Leaders and Unresponsive Officers

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OK - enough of the stuff I'd been reading on the previous page.

If you still have WMs waiting for an extended period, post them below.

I just had success by volunteering with the Grain Elevators category - mebbe I can help with a couple of others!!

BTW, I know of others who are also willing to volunteer to join nearly dead categories:


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On 4/11/2021 at 11:36 AM, RakeInTheCache said:

BTW it looks like Wayfrog approved a bunch of my waymarks in the Skyscraper category.  I did sent an e-mail to members of the group volunteering to be an officer but received no reply.  Maybe I will send an e-mail to wayfrog to make me an officer.

I thought Wayfrog had called a vote in the Skyscraper category many days ago to promote me to officer but no news back.  In additional I have a waymark sitting in the Carousels category.  Another distressed category...

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Carnivorous Plant Localities is seemlingly now in an abandonned state as wayfrog has been approving the more recent submissions.  I have requested wayfrog to bump me up to an officier so we can get some vote action going to bring new life to the officer group.  Do let me know if you are interested in becoming an officer in this category.

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24 minutes ago, RakeInTheCache said:

Carnivorous Plant Localities

"Groundspeak Admin reviewed" the most recent waymarks. 12 reviews  from 6/22/2017 to 6/22/2021.

Last officer review was 5/19/2017.


I will note reading the declines the officer is knowledgeable. 


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