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Oregon Backcountry Discovery Route


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I thought the state of OR decided to stop publicizing this route because of all the tourists getting stuck in the alvord desert and such. Where did you hear about this route? I've been on about 95% of it, and if i remember correctly, it is relatively devoid of geocaches.


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The following article comes from the big O. It isn't complete because searching back into their archives is kinda expensive.


May 27, 2001

BACKCOUNTRY ROUTE STILL OPEN, BUT IT'S TOUGH BECAUSE OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL LAWSUIT, SIGNS NO LONGER SHOW THE WAY ALONG A 750-MILE MAZE OF PRIMITIVE BACK ROADS A 750-mile "slow route" across the state for off-road vehicle enthusiasts still spans Eastern Oregon, but you have to know how to find it.


Route signs for the Oregon Back Country Discovery Route were taken down in April by the Oregon Department of Parks and Recreation in the wake of a lawsuit, said Craig Tutor, spokesman for the department.


"The status of the route is in question," he explained. "We had to pull the signs."


However, the U.S. Forest Service...


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Thanks Oregone,


Here is some of what was said on the page I looked at.


The lawsuit forbids the Oregon Parks Department from creating public facilities or attractions for the off-roading public (for example; remove all the route signage). Why? Because they don't want us out there. The OBDR is all on public roads, open to public use and will continue to be available regardless of the lawsuit's outcome. Read it, get involved, protect and celebrate the backcountry; and retain your access! To download a copy (.pdf, 24K) of the lawsuit, click here.


May 2001 update. Well the lawsuit was upheld, and the Oregon Parks department is now using remaining OBDR funds to remove the signs. They cannot be replaced until the Oregon Parks Department conducts an "EIS" (environmental impact statement). This is impossible, as there was barely any money for the signs, certainly no $300,000 laying around for an EIS to determine the "impact" of using public roadways that have been there for 40 years. Please someone try to clue in these environmental groups that they're making it hard for a concerned guy to support valid environmental issues when they use environmental laws so frivoulously.


Get the maps ASAP while they're still available from the OOHVA



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So how much you want for a copy of that map?


When i did the route (June-August 2001), i had to do it in short sections, and i had to do a lot of backtracking because of sections that i felt were impassible in my honda crx. I totally ripped up my undercarriage out by crack in the ground (past fort rock) and went through 1 1/2 radiators, but it was definitely worth it. Some of the most picturesqe parts of oregone are on that route, and you can go days without seeing another vehicle. Or water.


So seriously, where can i get a copy of that map?


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If you can convert it to a [.loc] or any of the Topographics (ExpertGPS) file formats or any of the Maptech formats, I would love to have it.


Or maybe I can use the MapSource format and just don't know it. (I've got a Garmin GPS III Pilot).


Oh, heck, send it to me and I'll figure it out!






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That Country along that route is great country. I have only been in very small portions of southeast oregon, but have seen enough to know that it could be well worth the effort getting through on this route. What a shame that the obstructionists (Environmentalists) have screwed up another great treasure in the state, for everyone to enjoy. Good Luck to anyone who goes after this.

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