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Garmin Etrex 10

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I thought it would be smart to buy a Garmin Etrex 10. I only want to use it voor Geocaching in places I can not use my smartphone (apps). However; getting the Garmin started is very hard. 

Will please someone let me know how to install the things I need? I did read the manual but this did not help. Please note that English is not my native language so please keep it simple :)


thanks a lot!



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I found lots of useful guides & advice just by googling - several short youtube videos were very helpful & when you find one it leads to others.  I think some guides are more use to one  person & some to another depending on your mindset.  Garmin manuals are rubbish!!  Once you get the hang of it the eTrex 10 is a neat little unit if you don't need mapping.

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If you want to have maps on your eTrex, and if you still have the option to return the eTrex 10, then you may want to see if you can get an eTrex 20 or 30 instead.


Regarding how to use the eTrex 10, then reviewing YouTube videos is a great way to start out. If there are specific things you are trying to do, then ask here and someone should be able to help. Knowing exactly what you're trying to do makes it easier to give you the advice you need.

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To transfer geocaches:

1 Sign in to your premium account on www.geocaching.com

2 Search for a geocache, and add it to a list

3 Add more geocaches to your list if desired

4  Go to your My Listspage

5 Connect the device to the computer

6  On your lists page, click  to the right of the desired list, and choose Send to Garmin

7  The web browser may ask permission to open Garmin Express, allow it to do this

8 Express will confirm that you want to download this content from geocaching.com, selectDownload

9  If you have multiple compatible devices, Express will list all of them

10         Click   next to the device you want to send to.

When the Installation complete message displays, the list of caches has been successfully installed and the device can be safely disconnected from the computer. Use BaseCamp to remove unwanted caches from your device.

A video on how to perform this action can also be found on a Geocaching.com blog.


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Is it still working - what bjjack  discribed - after the changes last week?

(The option to send cache coordinates directly to Garmin GPS would deactivated.)

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I have given the Garmin 650 T back to MEC and purchased the Garmin 64st. This came with 25,000 geocaches pre loaded and I have found simple to add the new caches using the Garmin instructions. There is no touch screen but a menu system that takes getting used to but I am in no rush. Good solid machine. 

Bill (bjjack)

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1 hour ago, bjjack said:

I have given the Garmin 650 T back to MEC and purchased the Garmin 64st. This came with 25,000 geocaches pre loaded...


FYI - I would suggest deleting the .ggz file that was pre-loaded to that Garmin.  The data for those caches is "old" - some of those caches may have been archived by now, or have strings or DNF's, or had their coordinates updated.


As a Premium Member, you have several options to load geocaches - Pocket Queries, Send to Garmin (bookmark lists), or individual cache .gpx files.

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