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Trackable code error condition

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When I go to events and discover mass trackables, I generally take photos of the codes and enter the codes manually through the website after I get home, deleting the photos as I go.  After a successful discover log, I enter the next trackable code through the "next trackable" search box on the bottom of that page.  I find it's an easy way to enter codes, even though it's manually done.


Something I've noticed a couple times is that if I enter an incorrect code, the website gets into a state of perpetually not recognizing codes, until I go back to the trackable search through the main link (Play->Trackables).  For example, I incorrectly think a code is ABCDEG when it should be ABCDEH, and I get a screen saying it's not recognized.  If I go back and correct the correct code, it still doesn't recognize the code, even though it's correct.  


The times I've noticed this is only after successfully discovering a trackable and using the "next trackable" search box on the bottom of the page.


Just wanted to pass along this to the website developers.  Thank you in advance for looking into this issue.

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This was noticed in March at the end of this thread, another post at the end of a thread in January, but found one with the same problems in October of last year.


Maybe just not noticed, but an issue for some time.



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