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Geocaching / Indiana history class

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So here's an idea that I would like to begin working on.  My thought was to tie geocaching in as a fun activity into our Indiana History class, and ask the kids, in small teams, to research 4-5 locations in our local town, prepare a short presentation on the location, and then hide the info in a geocache.  When folks locate the hidden object they are able to learn a little about our town and complete a geocache.  Geocaching has been a big thing for a long time now, and I think it would be a fun way to get the kids out of the building, add something unique to the town, and learn/project a little of our history.  This would be similar to the point of an EarthCache, maybe call it a HistoryCache.

I know that maintenance is an expectation, and that isn't a problem considering that the class will be reoccuring and I personally live 5 miles from town.  I'd be interested in thoughts on this idea; hoping to start this process next month.

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Who will be driving the kids around to maintain the caches?    Who will drive the kids around to place the caches?  The guidelines don't allow geocaches near schools, and they'd have to be minimum 528 feet from other caches.  Those are just a few things that come to mind when you ask for feedback.


The Help Center states:

Make sure your location is appropriate. Avoid areas where your cache may be mistaken for a bomb, like a bridge or airport . Avoid areas near schools or playgrounds, where cache hunting behavior may worry parents or school staff.


Also read this:

We encourage you to find at least 20 geocaches before hiding one. The more variety of geocaches you find, the better you will understand how to create an enjoyable experience for other geocachers. Find additional guidance about hiding caches in our Help Center.

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I'm planning something similar in my district. The difference though, is I want to hide several caches myself at several places of historical significance in the town. I'd assign it as extra credit. Students could ride their bikes or be driven by their parents on their own time (it's 8th grade). Each cache contains info about the respective location.


The challenge is...how do I know which students actually found the cache? They could easily lie and log it as "found." And if I include a code in the cache, they'll certainly share it with friends.


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In addition to logging the caches online, require the students to submit a "selfie" of them holding each cache container.  A cache page cannot require this, but a teacher running an extra credit project certainly can! 

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