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Hidden Creature souvenirs missing from profile page.

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I found that although the Hidden Creatures page had registered my four new souvenirs, they were missing from the souvenir page of my profile.

The reason, and a solution are described here, in a bug report I sent to Geocaching.com:


Regarding Hidden Creature’s souvenirs not added to my profile souvenir list.


I believe that this is an omission of the algorithm for assigning Hidden creature souvenirs on the Edit Log page.


Normally I initially log my finds as a short "NOTE", and when the day is over, edit the note, adding text, and changing the note to "FOUND".


Having found several caches, I could see on the Hidden Creature’s page that I should have received 4 souvenirs, but these were not visible on my profile's souvenir page, even though I edited the logs a few days ago.


I found a remedy for this by the following two steps:

1. Change the first log in the series that entitled a Hidden creatures souvenir back to "NOTE"

2. Create a new "Found" log, by pushing the "Log geocache" button on the cache’s page, typing a text and pressing the "POST" button.


After doing this for just one cache, all four of the souvenirs were added to my profiles souvenir list.


As a programmer, I'm guessing that the procedure that you have in place that checks if new souvenirs have been earned, only works in the routine that is controlled by the "Log cache" button and following page.

This procedure needs to be added to the "Edit log" page, when the status of the log changes to "FOUND" (and perhaps when "FOUND" is changed to something else).


It was surprising to see that the Hidden Creatures page had the correct number of souvenirs indicated.

I assume that the code for that page goes through my log history every time it loads.


I am adding screen dumps from the Hidden Creatures page, and Profile souvenir page, that were taken at the same time, to illustrate the error.



J.B. Martin

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