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PQ to Lists on iPhone

Team Lankidden
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11 minutes ago, Team Lankidden said:

How do I - download a pre-created PQ, from it create a List, and upload that List to  Lists on my iPhone?

I cracked how to do it on the earlier and now obsolete app,  but so far achieving what presumably is a simple task on the current app has me beat!!


Team Lankidden 


If you run the Pocket Query, and after it's available, it will be shown in the App along with Lists.  Is that suitable?

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The new app sync's between the app and website, something that the old app couldn't do, so you don't need to go through the rigamarole to see PQ's on the phone app.  As kunarion mentioned, once you run a PQ, then it will be available on the app under "Lists" for 7 days.


When you go into the "Lists" menu of the app, then Bookmark Lists will have "Last modified:  xx/xx/xxxx" above the name and PQ's will have "Last generated: xx/xx/xxxx" above the name.


If you really want to have all caches from a PQ in a Bookmark List, then you can do that.  That Bookmark List would then be accessible in both the app and website.

  • Go to that PQ in the "Lists" section of the app and select "View on Map"
  • When the map view displays, then select "Add all to list"
  • Either select the "+" to create a new Bookmark List for those caches, or select an existing list to add those caches to
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