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Selling my Artist Edition Antique Copper Tranquility Geocoin

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Back in 2008 when I had first started geocaching, I really got into geocoins. I was a member of multiple coin of the month clubs, and stalked the forums for release dates of new coins. I bought all kinds of coins that I just didn't love. 


Now I'm older (but not too old!) and I've decided that when I collect something, I do it because I enjoy the piece, not because it's limited edition or because someone tells me that it's rare. So I have gone through all my coins and sold quite a few on ebay. When I listed this one, I didn't realize that it was a rare coin. But hey, It's not my favorite and someone out there will really enjoy it. :) and maybe I can take my husband out for a nice dinner. He deserves it after I've dragged him caching and insulator hunting (my other collecting obsession)!


Here is a link to my other auctions





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