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Garmin Oregon 450t Power Problem

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My Garmin 450t will work when powered through the USB 2-mini cable, but will immediately lose power when the cable is disconnected.  Setting an alarm to activate the unit does not work and the power-switch seems to function normally.  I suspect the problem is with the battery case; there is a small crack near the edge and I wonder if a wire is either broken or shorting out.


Is it possible to replace or repair the battery case?  If so, are there instructions or photos on how to do this?  


Alternatively, could I use an external lithium battery pack intended to recharge cell phones as a means to provide a continuous power source via the USB 2 mini?  (or are portable recarhdgers only intended to recharge and not act as a power supply?)


Thanks for any advice on how to keep my Garmin in the game!

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