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A couple of people have mentioned that it might be nice to have a get together for West Sound cachers (of course, all cachers would be welcome, if they have the desire to drive or take the ferry over).


Does anyone hve any interest in a picnic?

I was thinking at Pendergast park in Bremerton since it's kind of central and there are at least five caches there.


I was also thinking some Sunday afternoon in August would be a good time. (Other than the second weekend in August).


Any thoughts / suggestions?


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I think that's a great idea, and it would give us a chance to discuss starting our own WSGA chapter. There may not be picnic tables at the site, but then again an old time picnic really didn't need them anyway. I just wish Howe Farm had a larger parking area, because it would have been a better choice based, on it's ease of access and it's proximity to Seattle and Tacoma.


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I live further to the east but have been wanting to get over to do Gig Harbor/Bremerton caches. I'm thinking about making a day trip SOON! Jeff and I just moved to the Seattle area a year ago, and we're slowly but surely exploring different areas -- I think this might be our next caching tour. icon_smile.gif


I was going to suggest that you post this message to the WSGA list as well, to get people who don't check the forums. It took a few weeks for the "eastside cachers" forum to really get noticed and start to get a following. I think that once people knew about the topic, they started to check things out -- many had never looked at the forums until someone told them a more local group was going.



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I know I posted on the cache page that we would have out of town guest that day. Maybe I can come out after they leave. Lot of Geocachers that I would like to meet in person. You are to be congratuated for taking the ball and running with it. Dick, W7WT Bremerton, Wa.

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