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The Waterman

Nearby Events - missing events

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Almost no events are displayed in the Near Events widget on dashboard. I know that there are many events in my home zone in next days/weeks. Even my own on 4th of july. This problem ist since a few days maybe weeks.


I'm not sure, I mean the netx two mounth should be displayed.


Month 1 (June).jpg

Month 2 (July).jpg

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Pretty often I get a wry face with "There are no events..." text.  Which is clearly wrong; there are plenty of events around here.


This happened just now to me, twice.  But oddly, the first time, as I was reaching to grab a screenshot, it suddenly turned into a proper calendar.  Never saw that happen before.  The second time, I had plenty of time to grab the screenshot.  [checks]  Yep, the wry face is still there.




EDIT: Try reloading the page.  (That often works for the message center too.  Who knows what they're using for plumbing.)


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