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Question on how to remove item

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I'm building a 115 Wherigo geoart. Most of the cartridges are the play anywhere style. I've built the first which is the style where you download 1 cartridge for 10 GC codes. I ask 10 questions and if you answer the question correctly the coordinates get saved in your inventory. 

My question is how would I go about removing an item from the task list once they answer a question correct?  

I just think that it will make everything run smoother if they don't have to see the whole list each time they get back to the main screen. 

Here is the link to the cartridge... http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/download.aspx?CGUID=d7316a94-9bf1-4f7b-99e6-5b7c9e98df84

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If you’re working with tasks, inactive tasks won’t display in the task list. Likewise, only active tasks are ever visible to a player. 

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Ok. I've been camping since I posted this and just had a chance to try again. 

I'm not sure what you mean. 

I want all tasks to be visible when the cartridge is opened. But as they answer a question correct, I want that item to be removed from the task list. 

I am using urwigo and I see options under the events tab...

"On active changed"

"On complete changed"

"On correct changed"

I just don't know which expression to use to do what I want. 

Maybe what I want isn't possible. 

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Or at least, maybe once a task is complete it can check a box that shows its been completed.?

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Posted (edited)

I don't use Urwigo but I hope I can help anyway. 


What you have to do is to set the appropriate task to inactive in the event triggered by the correct answer to your question i.e. switch from active to inactive (or from "active=true" to "active=false"). Alternatively you can use the "complete" or "correct" properties of your task but the fact that it will be visually distinguished (the checkbox you were suggesting) depends on your Wherigo player (I know that WhereYouGo does add a check mark to them, for example). 


The three events you described are triggered when you (as a developer) do what I wrote above. 


Does it make sense? 

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That does make some sense. I'll give it a try when I get off work. I think I have them set as active and I remember seeing something set as ="true"

I'll have to play with it later. 


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I finally figured it out. Thanks for the help. I just needed to add - SET > TASK- ACTIVE=FALSE 

Now everything is set as I like. 

Now I just have to edit that cartridge a few times and I'm set to submit to the reviewer.

This thing will be live before you know it. 

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