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So confused!

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I am brand new to this. I tried a multi-cache and am totally stuck. 


The original cache coordinates: 

N 38° 45.143 W 077° 10.579  

UTM: 18S E 310883 N 4291547


This led me to the next location (via a long/lat coordinate) where I found two trees painted with the following: 90653 and 90662 (I have attached a pictures of the trees)


I CANNOT figure out what it could mean. My best guess is it's related to UTM but I don't understand how to take these two numbers and make it work. 

I tried mapping UTM: 18S E 310883 N 4290662 but that made no sense geographically. 

Perhaps I didn't find all the numbers I need? The log indicates lots of people have figured it out easily so I'm missing something obvious. 


Thank you for any guidance!



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The numbers pained on the trees would be a violation and not allowed in Geocaching guidelines. I believe you said there were coordinates to another location inside the first location.  Did you search a 30 to 50 foot diameter area around that second set of coordinates?  I suspect there will be a container of some sort there. The numbers on the trees are like some I have seen used by a county survey crew.

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It's entirely possible the numbers already existed before publishing and the CO could use the numbers as part of a puzzle - this 2nd stage can be a virtual stage, as nothing physical was placed (or altered).  Note: I haven't looked at the cache page, just commenting on the use of numbers on trees - it is allowed, if they were pre-existing.

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