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Help me find Punk Zippy! Last seen in France

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Hello fellow Geocachers!  I need your help!


Pictured above is treasured travel bug, Punk Zippy. When I was 16, 15 years ago now, my Dad got into Geocaching, and as a family we sent off a travel bug - Punk Zippy! The idea was that each new owner would pin a new pin on him, because he just loved piercings so darn much! He also had a mini cache inside his mouth where you could zip up a gift for the next person to find him. 


He travelled all over the world and got some amazing photos in fantastic places, including next to the hollywood sign! We followed his journey with excitement and anticipation of his return home to England.  But in May 2017 disaster struck!  And Zippy was separated from the travel bug that was attached to him! The travel bug itself has continued on its journey, but Zippy has been lost. But with the magic of the internet and the Geocaching community,  I am hoping that you might be able to help me find him! I've just gotten back into Geocaching and I thought it would be awesome if I could be reunited with my old pal!


I believe the last cache Zippy was placed in was in France --- Châteaux du Haut-Eguisheim "Ruines"  (https://coord.info/GC13YQ1)


At some point between the 23rd May 2017 and the 17th June 2019 Zippy must have been taken by another geocacher who did not realise it should be attached to the travel bug. Were you that Geocacher, or do you know one that has been to or lives in that area?


Please see the last picture taken of Punk Zippy above, and if you would like to see Punk Zippy's wonderful journey so far, his page is here - https://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=22410&page=10


Let me know if there is anything you know or can do to help. Hopefully together we can find him!  







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Someone thought it was "okay" to separate it ("It's tangled"...) and only take the tag, leaving the pierced (bear?) still in the cache.  

 - "Yeah, thanks for the help pal" ...


Sorry, but without a tag saying it's a trackable, it's swag now,  and some  kid probably has it in a pile with all the other "toys" accumulated (as swag).

 - They sometimes grab them (cute toys mostly...) even with that tag attached, while mom n dad are signing the log. ;)


This is an international forums, but posters here account for very few members.  I'd try faceboook , tweeeter, or similar to get more folks noticing.

Good luck.  :)



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I think it has suffered the same fate as many "cute" hitchhikers. Someone's kid has taken a liking to it and Bam! it's now theirs. Can't deny the little ones can we :mad:. I had  a cute one pass through my hands that I believe has suffered a similar fate and it was one that had a very special meaning to the TO.


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