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Un-Original cache lives!


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ponyryder was kind enough to replace the missing Un-Original cache, so Seth! and party will have something to find should they visit the Mecca location when they come down this weekend.


Here's an email I rcvd from ponyrider




The Un-Original cache lives! I got a black plastic file box at Fred Meyer and put a new log book, a couple pens, the "You found it" letter, and the following "treasure":


A toy chalkboard, small wooden chair ornament, some christmas package decorations, small toy wooden horse, a slinky, a plastic deer, a package of erasers, some silly putty and some dice. Everything is in big zip-lock bags.




I had Jeremy make him the new cache owner since he's close enough to it to maintain it much easier than can I. He should be updating the cache page to reflect it back in service and update any outdated information. The coords shouldn't change as it's only 5 feet from where I had placed mine.


FYI - I know I've been slackin' on Silicon Forest, but it's now my top priority icon_smile.gif



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