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Edit unpublished cache type

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I'm working on a few cache pages. They began as traditional cache type and today I changed them to mystery cache type. Got the prompt about erasing waypoints. So far so good. I did not add any waypoints at this time. Tweaked a few things, saved my progress, no problem. I've made no major coding changes. But now... Open cache page, click "Edit cache" and I see a host of problems.


The cache is still listed as "mystery cache" but there are no posted coordinates (in the box), the map does not display, I cannot add waypoints, and there are no attributes listed - I mean, not only are there none selected, there is nothing to select from. The whole attribute section is gone.


This is not a problem with caches where I have not altered the type. It's only with caches I changed today. It's the first time I've run into the problem. I've changed the type before and did not have issues.


I have not lost any work so I can re-create the pages but seems wasteful to archive pages that are otherwise fine.


Thanks for your insights.



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Thank you, Bl4ckH4wkGER. I'm happy to report all systems are functioning normally once again. Well done.

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