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Need some help here


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Originally posted by travisl:

Maybe it's the ''404 not found'' message on the http://www.sanzones.com/a. My first impression was that it was an unintentional broken link.


I see that it's not (proof: lower parking lot, 213 feet), but I can see that most folks would think so and move on.Just a hunch.




I was thinking on changing that because it is misleading.

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Here is the problem with the cache. Nothing.


However there are a couple of reasons why people are not finding it.


1) The fee to park. If they have to pay they don't come to play. I've got a cache inside the local zoo. Other caches have gotten 40 finds in the same amount of time. The zoo cache has about 1/4 that.


2) The puzzle cache. Less people work through a puzzle than go find a traditional cache.


3) Both work together to make less find your cache than would find it if it was either a puzzle cache or a fee cache.

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