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Bad Manners

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My travel heart geocoin that I spent many months finding a perfect little figurine that would say "heart and love " ... which was minnie mouse who was cute, and since she worked at disney for a while it was appropriate .In hopes people would honor the game and the geocacher that put time and effort in setting up his gamepeice ... I set it free to roam...

this is the log:

Thank you! My daughter LOVED mini mouse key chain, so we had to replace it with another! Thank you so much for bringing fun and adventure to our family! We will move the heart soon with the new key chain! :)


So just because your daughter likes it it's ok to take it.....no matter my feelings in the matter.. this is just rotten in my book, if your daughter wants it that bad go buy her one. Great thing to teach a young one..you can have anything you want no matter if it doesn't technically belong to you. I will be surprised if this travel heart even goes anywhere besides the trash can or a heap of unused toys...

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Though the cacher started in '09, they haven't actually cached until last month. 

I agree it's a careless, bone-headed move,  but maybe a calm-worded email (good luck with that... :) )  saying how the trackable side game is played,  and that neither trackables or their parts are trade items.

Possible they haven't (really) read up about the hobby, so a brief explanation of the differences between SWAG and Trackables may help as well.

Good luck.


We usually see this with the parents not realizing 'til later that the "toy" their kid took had a tag attached.

One of the reasons many don't attach "cute" stuff that would attract a child to their trackables anymore.    


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Although I agree they shouldn't remove the keychain, in this case you're lucky the trackable was logged at all. Looking at the logs of the caches where it was supposed to be in and where it was found, it seems a kid with just 6 finds had the TB and didn't log it. She just stated in the log of the cache that she had dropped a trackable.


Try explaining they shouldn't remove the keychain, because then the photo on the trackable page will make other cachers confused, they see a photo with Minnie Mouse when they want to log the trackable and then might think they have done something wrong (or in case of discovery: written down the wrong number). 

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