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Looking for CA geocoins

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Hi!  Our family is going on a cross country adventure and would like to geocache along the way.  We are from California and would like to buy several California geo coins to place in any geocaches we find, to show someone from CA had been there.  Problem is, I can’t seem to find any on eBay or Amazon.  We haven’t geocached in a few years, so maybe this isn’t even a thing any more, but we did this a few years ago with US coins when we went to Europe and would love to do it with CA coins on this trip.  Anyone know where I might be able to get some CA geo coins? Ideally in bulk (like 25 or 50) Does such a thing even exist or do people not leave coins anymore?

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30-50 geocoins is some cash to spend (300 or better...) just to  drop in a cache, to have no one (really) remember.  

Not sure why, but I only see one cache earlier in Spain    Big difference in costs.  ;)

Noticed you only have one trackable find, and a Travel Bug to boot. 

 - Sure you're not talking about a small disc with a hole in it from a company not associated with this hobby? 


If you have some time, you could put far less into wooden nickels or poker chips with your geocaching handle on them, leaving a signature item in every cache. Google it.  Or make 'em yourself.   :)

The site even sells  versions ... shop.geocaching.

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I have many of my Pony Express coins that were 8 coin sets.  I can sell you only CA in RE if you would like.  Message me for prices.  I also have some of the other CA coin that are trackable and non trackable.  Some activated most are unactivated. Happy travels.   Maybe you can do my Challenge GC1PRHM that has been almost a year lonely.  

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