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[Bug] Inaccurate Users in Forums

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The "ampersand/character" issue has been noticed a lot since the Mary Hyde  promotion (but some problems way before),  with some users here showing the wrong account when clicking on their Forum name.  The site "finds" a different user, due to a symbol...


For example,  yesterday a cacher who started in '10 when hovering over their name,  becomes a completely different cacher from '02 when you click on it.

Some of those people have long been inactive, and hopefully not having people attempting to contact with questions and such pertaining to a forums thread they aren't even aware of.    :)




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2 hours ago, niraD said:

For example:


Yep, but the couple I've done weren't blank, but people who haven't cached in years.   The one I checked earlier had two locationless caches (and haven't cached since they were ended). 

I got a "Pssst"  from a Lacky once (like I was clueless...)  when I thought an ex-Reviewer (of all people)  may have been a troll. 

Clicking on their name showed nothing accurate with what they were talking about.   A completely different User, due to a symbol...


As busy as that Mary Hyde thing was, with all the people that even got extra time to sort the problems out, I wonder how many people who've been out of the hobby for years all-of-a-sudden got mails asking 'em "Would you be my friend ?"    :)

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The current forum bugs arose from the forum update of July 2017.


The big two issue from my perspective,  

1) special character user names cannot be handled by this forum.  Click a username with special character,  SmokeyBear#1 get taken to smokeybear. And from Geocaching.com click see forum posts for SmokeyBear#1,  and go in a circle - nada

2) many sub-forums are ignored by it on search or on asking to see forum posts by a user -  rendering the, "more robust" search significantly less useful than the old search


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