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Hi I’m new to Geocaching and am homing to meet up with someone in the Otter St Mary area of Devon England to show me the ropes

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Sorry, I'm in the US and don't know my UK geography but finding an event should be easy for you.  Just go to the main search page click on the Events quick search.  As long as you have your new home coordinates entered in your settings it will show nearby events.

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15 hours ago, TriciaG said:


Who  knew Devon had so many cowboys ? (Seems strange to me that the grown ups with a dressing up urge in Devon choose cowboys over pirates :back:, but I digress ... )


It's not always an easy county to travel around in the summer (what with all those grockle cowboys in caravans ) so I suspect the OP may want an event to be very local .

If no existing event fits the bill , I'll suggest spending a while reading recent logs on caches near you, and seeing what cacher names crop up regularly, posting logs which are more than a bare TFTC  That suggests they at least invest some time and thought into the hobby and connect a bit with other cachers. Then do a little mild stalking, look at their profile, see if they have been around for a while and have found a good range of cache types . If they actually own caches themselves, that's even better. Find some of their hides, write a nice log, then send them a brief polite e-mail or message through their profile thanking them (maybe it was your first cache, or first near your new home or something ) and asking if they might be able to help you develop your skills, or know someone who has the time to. Who knows, maybe they would even set up a local event for you to meet folk. 


Just take great care to word your message in such a way that it does not sound at all needy, entitled or demanding, I've had a few like that from complete strangers ( their messages translated to "I can't be bothered spending the time and doing the research myself,  so you ... you can get typing and explain the whole of caching to me individually . Now, Thanks" ) they got a polite "Here's some links with useful information for you to read"  reply. I'm sure you are not someone like that, so do word that request well to avoid that impression !


If all else fails, set an event yourself in your local  pub/cafe/park bandstand/whatever, a time and place convenient to you,  explaining that you are new to the area and caching and would like to meet the locals.

Worst case scenario, you spend half an hour sat with a beer/coffee/sad expression being Billy no mates, but at least you get a smiley for attending your own event .

Best possible outcome : you meet loads of lovely local cachers, one takes you under their wing, and you all cache happily ever after.

Actual likely outcome somewhere inbetween those two .

Try it, it costs nothing, choose a quiet time for the event and a pub/cafe is usually very happy to let you bring in some bodies that wouldn't have been there otherwise.



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If you’re on Facebook, there are many Geocaching groups, some national (e.g. Geocaching UK) but others more local - search for ‘Geocaching Devon’.


I’ve see many open invitations to join Geocaching expeditions pop up on one of my local groups (in Hampshire).  Reach out, and introduce yourself...

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