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Need a bunch of GPS/GEO stickers

Joanie Cache
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Thanks! I sent a note. We'll see what turns up. This trip is by motorcycle, so packing space is at a premium. The stickers would be perfect. Just wish I'd figured this out two or three weeks ago when I first started in the sport and got an order in to the retail site.


I Love Geocaching!

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Thanks to everyone who helped me with the Stickers! Rothstafari ROCKS! I'm back already, the trip went well, except---didn't log as many trad cache finds as I'd hoped due to weather, time and group constraints. And my own searching inexperience, of course. Dang it.


It *did* become hugely comedic when riding with a group part of the way. We would compare notes on the next gas stop, then someone would always ask, "Where's Joanie's next geo thing?" Cool!


Thank you everyone!

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Quizzies... heh heh...


Here is a no BS story for you. My Dad told me a story about a professor when he was in college, said the guy loved to give surprise 'quizzies'. (Which were soem sort of surprise quiz).


He said one day the professor gave a surprise 'quizzie' to the class. It must have been a difficult one, because according to my Dad one of the females in the class commented (out loud), 'If these are your quizzies, I would hate to see your testies.'


According to my dad, the girl realized what she said, freaked out and ran out of class.


Heh heh... kind of funny. Laughed when I remembered that one after seeing Willapa's post. icon_smile.gif

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Originally posted by Joanie Cache:

Are you talking about the Brooklyn Tavern, as in west of Oakville WA? Maaaan, I haven't been out there in, like ten years!


You mean there is someone besides me that knows where Oakville is???


smile02.gif We're all here, because we're not 'all there'.



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