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HQ Duck Dash - automatic participation?

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Hi there


I just bought three "deadly duck" trackable tags so that me and my daughters' might race them to see whose goes furthest or visits the most countries.


However, I have just activated the first and it says on the info page I am participating in the "HQ Duck Dash".  I have no idea what this is but it won't let me not participate!


Is this a problem and what exactly is it please?


Sorry if this is a dumb question!

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That's default language built into the TB page.  I hadn't even noticed it before on other ducks we've found, because I only really look at the TB description and goal sections.


The Duck Dash was a TB race; despite the default language, apparently one had to register one's duck TB to participate.  See the Geocaching blog for details


Long story short, it was a 2016 event and is now over, so it's a non-issue for your three TBs.

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Haha - okay, thanks very much for clearing that up!


I won't worry about it then if its not going to make any difference to anything.  



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