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Geocache App not working on Huwaei phones

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Looking at an old thread on App not working, there are several people commenting that the app is not working on Huwaei phones after a recent upgrade last week. Maps are not showing and we are getting and error message saying " ! There are no geoecaches in this area " . Please advise how to rectify.

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Thanks for reporting your issues, everyone.

The “Google Play Services are updating” error (displayed behind our app's error message that you've quoted above) is happening across the world to many different types of Huawei phones and tablets on Android 7.0, 8.0, and 8.1 (and very few other devices from other brands). Google is aware of the issue, and is treating it with top priority. They are aware that the problem occurs for many apps that use Google Maps (example: maps, games, ride-sharing, workout trackers, bus routes, etc.) Of course, this also affects Google Maps in our Android app.

Currently, Android developers from around the world have found steps to temporarily fix the issue (disable, then enable, then update Google play services), but that temporary fix fails after the device reboots. We expect that after Google and Huawei fix the issue, the fix will be sent directly to Huawei devices. Then, after that fix is downloaded and installed, all of those apps that depend on Google Maps (and the associated Google Play Services file) will work once again.


In the meantime, we're investigating whether there is any way that we can work around the issue on our end. So far, we've come up with potential ways to lessen crashes related to this Google+Huawei issue, but we don't yet have any way to fix the problem on our end. If we do find a way to fix it in our app, we'll release an update to the Android app ASAP.

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Update - Yesterday, Google shared this information:


"In collaboration with Huawei, Google engineers have identified the root cause of this issue as an unexpected change to the filesystem permissions.  The issue can impact any Android app on a Huawei device which renders a Google map. 

Our engineers are preparing a new version of Google Play Services which should resolve the problem.  It will be targeted to devices running Android 7.0 Nougat, or higher.  We will post another update with the status of the rollout.

Thanks for your patience."

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