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Order of Publication?


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I have been trying to  figure out the EARLY order of publication by Groundspeak.  I have been caching since 2002, and it was vastly different back then.  Intuitively, you would think GC1, GC2, GC3, ...GCA, GCB, GCC, etc....  But we know that GC30 is older than GC12.  So is there a list that shows, let's say, the first 100 caches published, their GC # and name and date?

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GeocachingHQ First 100 Caches


My recall is that the very early guys were manually created and GC Codes entered, so there's some oddities. The very early caches existed before Geocaching.com.   Eventually (soon) GC code generation was built into the early form and became consistent - numbers first, 0-9, then letters A - Z with some letters not used.

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15 hours ago, Keystone said:

When the original batch of caches (May to September, 2000) was converted over to the brand new Geocaching.com website, the caches were loaded by state and country, without regard for their placement dates.


The first list of geocaches was a static html page created by Mike Teague and as Keystone indicated were organized geographically.    Prior to that new "stashes" were announced on a Usenet discussion group and he was adding them to his page as new ones were being placed.  Then Jeremy, et. al. created geocaching.com and that static page was transferred over.  Many of the "stashes" on that static page didn't even have "names".  Neither Mingo, nor The Spot had the geocache names we use now and some were created just using the new GC codes that were assigned (GC12, GC16, GC17).  

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Thank you for the list, it is most helpful.  I downloaded it into GSAK so I could have it for future reference.  I have found 9 on the list, including one today, GC67, here in Colorado.  My hope is to get half the active caches on the list before I end my caching career, to basically find 50 hidden in 2000 and 2001.  35 down, 15 more to go!

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