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Been away from the obsession for quite a while now and want to get back into it. I had GSAK on a previous, now trashed, computer. 

I want to re-install but have forgotten my username AND password!! I cannot do a recovery as the email address I had registered to the GSAK site is no longer in use.

Does anyone know how I can contact Clyde directly by email?? Thanks.

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12 hours ago, némoo said:

bonjour.Clyde...j'ai supprimé mon gsak par erreur et je ne suis plus capable de le télécharger...pouvez-vous m'aider s.v.p


Je suppose que Clyde ne lit pas le français, sauf avec un traducteur en ligne.

Quoi qu'il en soit, il vous suffit de le télécharger ici.

C'est un freeware maintenant, donc pas de soucis pour la licence.

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bonjour..votre lien ne fonctionne pas...je l'avais essayé auparavant...account suspended...j'avais réussi à télécharger la version il y a un message d'erreur car moi j'avais la version

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For those following the conversation and may be out of the loop, GSAK is now freeware. There is no paid version. However we all must come to terms with the possibility that GSAK may be no longer. Hopefully, what rises from the ashes will be a better, cross-platform product.

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The bad news is that Clyde has recently suffered some significant health issues, and does not feel that he will be actively engaged in product development in the future.  The good news is that Clyde has some good help there to keep things going for at least the near term.

My bigger concern is what happens the next time gc.com decides to make another overhaul of the API -- THEN we're in big trouble.  With any luck, they'll leave well enough alone for the foreseeable future.  Well, one can hope, anyway....

As GSAK users are already aware, the 9.0 release came just in time to deal with the token issue with gc.com that would otherwise have crippled the product.


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