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What info (about a trackable race) can I make public?

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I'm setting off a trackable race and want to post about it on social media.

Can I publicise the cache they are in or the code so people can see the page giving information about the trackables, or should this be kept private?

If I publicise my caching name people would be able to see where they are though, I guess?

Not done this before so would appreciate some guidance.

Many thanks


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Don't publish the secret tracking number.  Instead use the reference number, which starts with "TB".  When people other than the owner view the TB page, they see only the reference number.  There's a drop-down triangle icon to find the URL of the page (or people can use the "Trackable" search page if they have either the tracking number or the reference number). One of your TBs has a reference number of TB6QM2H and the URL is https://coord.info/TB6QM2H.




And see this.



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