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What have been your most interesting containers, found or hidden?

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On a trail I found a bison tube in the body of a plastic frill necked lizard cable-tied to a branch.  A bit further along was a log, looking like a good place to hide the cache, so I lifted the log.  Underneath was a red-bellied black snake.  After i had jumped back about 5 metres in a single bound i noticed it wasn't moving.  Another bison tube in a plastic animal.

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Once found a cache that was simply called "Micro in the woods".   What I found was an old microwave hanging 15 feet in the air.   When you lowered it down and opened the door you found a microwave meal container complete with fake corn, potato's, what looked like a brownie and some sort of meat.   The log was in a bison tube inside the potato's.    I laughed so hard I almost passed out. 

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