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K-Falls 2-day Geocache Blitzkrieg

Zzzoey & illDRIVEuNav

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Well, my numbers pale in comparison, but we did have a great time trying to get some new logs. I appreciate all you K falls cachers and your interesting ideas for caches. The microcache idea, the virtual cache idea.. loved it.


We did try to find "Halfway Up" and never did. My etrex was giving me a 23 foot error and after an hour or so my shins had no more skin on them, so we left. icon_frown.gif We probably walked over it a few times. icon_mad.gif


You guys have some amazing skeeters down there. It felt like a strange and twisted remake of "the Birds" at times. Somewhere near "Wingwatchers" I opened my mouth to say something and swallowed about a 22 pounder. icon_eek.gif I gagged and spit, and hubby doubled over laughing and trying not to inhale mosquitos himself, and Barney the geopup decided we were both nuts. icon_razz.gif


Thanks for the adventures and the ideas for new caches. Come visit us up here in N. Central Oregon.


Zzzoey icon_biggrin.gif

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Just like in the Central Valley of California, bugs in agricultural areas have a higher concentration of $%|^ in them... the more of that, the higher the stick ratio... therefor, one requires a high-powered $%|^ scraper to get them off of one's windscreen...


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