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PQ not showing geocaches on 64s


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Greetings. I recently purchased a new Garmin 64S which works well and I'm enjoying using. I downloaded a Pocket Query of an area I'll soon be visiting which is about 400 kilometers (240 miles) from where I live. After downloading, the 64s doesn't list the geocaches but it does list the waypoints for parking, etc. I'm guessing that all will be okay as I get closer to that area and said geocaches will appear. But it is a little unsettling as both my 62s and eTrex 30 show all the geocaches and their distances. I thought maybe it was a setting but it appears not. Is this typical of the 64s? Is there a surefire way of knowing all is okay, to avoid disappointment when I reach my destination? Many thanks. 

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When ever I get a PQ I unzip it in Windows. I nearly always get 2 files

One is the GC's and the other is waypoints .  Inc in the latter file name is " WPT"

This is car parking location etc

I never load this.

Maybe check you have loaded the correct file, usually the bigger GPX. If you can see the car parking waypoints at a distance you should be able see the GC's.

You could try deleting the gpx file from 64S. Restarting then shut down and again reload gpx.  When you start gpsr again it should have reindexed the files

In the past I have "lost" records so they don't show although the PQ gpx file is in memory. The above procedure usually gets things back


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The 64 and the Oregon 6xx and 7xx don‘t list the „far away caches“ more than 150 km or so away. But you can see them on the map. Just choose one of the waypoints related to one of the new caches and let and let it show on the map. Then you can see the caches on the map and be sure they are on the unit.

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