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Different approach to geocoins


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When I attended GeoWoodstock XV, one objective was to give a geocoin to a specific geocacher. The geocoin was activated in my name but he got to keep it as long as he wanted. I only asked that whenever he had the opportunity, to allow others to discover it. When it was tired of it, he could pass it on to another cacher. Well, I started it in Texas, then passed on in North Carolina and then traveled to California. It was discovered numerous times and recently, passed on to another how took it to Nebraska. Still going strong! Before attending GWS XV, if anyone was interested in doing this and I had several that said they would do it. It seems one way to send a geocoin out into the wild and it not disappear. Any thoughts?

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That IS a different approach. It just seems to be that the more that coin is passed along, the less likely the original rule (request) be honored. But gosh, if you can trust the people who are given the coin, I think this is a great way for it to travel and get a lot of discoveries. I hope it works out well!



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That's a great idea.  I've taken part in a coin program like that as well as another where someone wrote all their geo-friends names on a deck of cards (one per card) and handed it to the first cacher on the list.  That cacher then had to find another on the list to pass the deck on.  Years later, the last I heard it was still traveling and making it's way through the list.


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